Saturday, November 26, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving and I pray you have a great holiday during this time. I have a lot to be thankful for, but right now all I can think about is the digital recorder my brother in law let me hold. Its been I don't know how long since I made a mix cd or posted a podcast. The only means of recording I had was the input on my computer that's jacked up and only records the left channel and my cassete deck that hasn't  worked for maybe 10 years or so.
Now that I got this component, I'm back in business. Now when the ladies at my kids school ask for a work out mix or a Christmas CD or an old school this that and whatever, I can be like BAM!!. Now I need to get some ink for the printer to make some cool labels and ting! Oh! Yo! I told you I got my cards made right? See?
Now I can't make any excuses. Look forward to my soundcloud poppin and nuff more things before 2012. You see me? I know you can see me now.

A Niceness

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

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Friday, February 25, 2011

SOUND CLASH MATERIAL# 10. Courtney Melody - Bad Boy

Impressive tu Ras

Little John - Smoke Ganja Hard

Not afraid of lashing ...

John Wayne-Call The Police

Its me It's Me It's Me ...

Admiral Bailey & Chaka Demus - One Scotch

Dooba Dooba Dooba


Let me just explain myself real quick yeah? My speech is fueled with the queens English,  the motherland's patois, the Hip Hop slang and the Rasta code so pardon me if you lose me. Just refer to the aforementioned references and compare phrases. So whe mi ah say? Basically my birthday was Wednesday the 23rd of February and I turned 44 aka my earthstrong aka my birthstrong bka my COKNISTRONG. 44 is culture culture all being born to build and destroy according to Supreme Mathematics. I take all that stuff serious. My culture culture is Raggamuffin Hip Hop. That sounds mad corny to me however it is what it is as they say.
Histrionics as they may, I just know that It seem pon that day deh I go mad love from all corners. Text, Twitter, FaceBook, corners, etc. mad love was just heading my direction. Hundreds people hit me off no exaggeration to give me a birthday shout or whatever. Filled up my love cup no doubt. I was floating by on a natural high.
Right now I'm broke as all get out and I had the intention of getting a cake and bringing it to work to celebrate with my compadres, but I couldn't back it. As blessings go, one of my dudes supported a box of fresh fresh donuts!! Thn after work my man Steve complimented my six of Guinness with a bokkle of Strawberry Stoli. I got charged and got online to play some music for whoever would rope in. I knew The Beatminerz was comin on later. Even though I was zu, I was conscious that they was comin on. I'm nothing if I'm not loyal. The show was fun as you can see on my Ustream channel.

I was bugging out wit the acronyms for CoknI on twitter buss em : #COKNISTRONG #COKNIWEEK

Iron Gold along with the CUTTER.

The thing I love probably most about DanceHall is the fact how we did so much for Hip Hop and never beg no recognition. We stay true to our format and its so communal that anybody who catch the vibe run with it and flex and nuh even have to give props to who dem getty from. I'm not like that and I would hope more of us would give respect due to the old school crew. So I just want to thank Bammy Man for being the illest if the only human beatBox comin outta the dance and the original buthcher Cutty Ranks for crafting raggamuffin style in my book. Nobody voice like his. True Burro have that tone of voice but Cutty just too nuff widdit. Enjoy the video though ...