Tuesday, January 09, 2018

The OTO Show

Every Tuesday I plan - contemplate - let's be honest, PROCRASTINATE on doing this podcast.
For therapeutic purposes, I vent out frustrations and play a set having to do with what I'm feeling that week. I have a Mixcloud account and I feel like I'm not doing it the way that I am supposed to do it. Still, I believe that if I just do my best with what I got, then everything will be OK. I'm talking to my man D. Brown and he was like how do you know what to do? I was like as funny as it sounds or cliche, you just gotta do it. Even if it sucks. Just the idea of manifesting what you had in your head and heart is awesome. The success is in showing up. I can understand how that's not easy to do; it's not easy for me. Today's podcast would have never happened if I over-analyzed it or was crazy critical. I mean I am all those things but I can override my psychosis so that I can finish the task at hand.
Anyway, enjoy this and let me know what it do. Subscribe, rate, comment, share and follow man on FB, Twitter and Instagram @KingCoknI SALUTE