Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Many Movements. Mini-Money

This is so far a ridiculously nice year. Music I can't tell you how much I love it and thank my LORD and Savior Jesus Christ for His grace allowing me to partake in this ministry.
Quick Notes. I want to make sure I cover my skill with Serato the removal from club hawking, the rebirth of the Outta Order Hour with Decent Something, Alive on Arrival and The OteeO Show.
Man I'm thankful how God has blessed me with people early in my life that was about music in a community setting, specifically Mr. Walt the Beatminer from Music Factory was kind enough to give me a shot on this online radio station. Maseo from DeLa got the Dugout poppin and they wanted a reggae show and Walt put me on. It can only get better.

I got a wikkid support group of Tomas of Umoja, Nature of Central Booking and Max Glazer of the mighty Federation Sound keeping me up on things while they represent on the frontline while I sort of geriatrically play the back. Rakka is hollering and it's beautiful how the Beat Junkies are also kind enogh to not cut they boy off like so many for no reason has. And I nah forget my baby sister Mona Lisa kudos and all that she doing her thing trong trong this year. See it?