Friday, February 24, 2006

Its Real and You Know it Gets Realler

Its Real and You Know it Gets Realler

Its 2:43 AM on Tuesday, February 21, 2006, the second day of my vacation from UPS and I have decided to stay home rather than go to LA like I had planned. Being at home will give me more time with my wife and children that I haven’t had as I have been working. I still got to my other job at 11AM, but it’s a vacation from the grunt work I do at UPS. With this I have more energy to run around with my three kids and stay awake as I talk with my wife catching up on everything I missed while I was sleep.

Being married rocks! Having a friend who wants to be your friend is priceless. I like my wife yo. The thing his I forget that she is a delicate vessel and I talk to her in a way that is les than appreciated. I don’t mean to be harsh; it’s just the way I talk. Growing up in NY its so loud and my homies would always be quick to snap on me that I built up a habit of responding with an attack whether I was trying to be funny or defending my self from whatever I deemed and insult from whomever.

February 22, 2006 At the Crib. 5:28

Today was hot. Kind of got up sluggish. Woke up around 3:30. Still institutionalized by UPS to get up at that time to go to work. My boy Naz got up with me and we had good little ole time playing on the couch. We also watched the remainder of the Jarmusch film “Deadman”. Man I wish that I had a different schedule where I could get 8 hours or more of sleep and be more involved with the kids morning routine.

We pray about that blessing which brings me to right now talking to my wife. We believe our friendship has been suffering over the years primarily due to cultural and spiritual clashes. We were recently made to understand, through bible study, that Satan is consistently building wedges between us causing discord. God won’t bless our lives, as we desire, if we are not unified. God is one. He doesn’t do anything without His Son.

That’s why the general acknowledgement of God has no power. It’s trivial to say, “God bless” and more powerful to say “In Jesus’ name.” I am learning more and more about our Savior Jesus Christ to have a relationship with Him rather than a religion.