Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Well this is just a free writing session. What I wanna say is somewhere in the recesses of my brain. I thought about that word 'recess' and never knew why that word meant break from school. In the dictionary the word means a small space created by building part of a wall further back from the rest : a table set into a recess.
a hollow space inside something : the concrete block has a recess in its base.
(usu. recesses) a remote, secluded, or secret place : the recesses of the silent pine forest | figurative the dark recesses of his soul.
2 a period of time when the proceedings of a parliament, committee, court of law, or other official body are temporarily suspended : talks resumed after a month's recess | the Senate was in recess.
a break between school classes : the mid-morning recess.
1 [ trans. ] [often as adj. ] ( recessed) attach (a fitment) by setting it back into the wall or surface to which it is fixed : recessed ceiling lights.
2 [ intrans. ] (of formal proceedings) be temporarily suspended : the talks recessed at 2:15.
[ trans. ] suspend (such proceedings) temporarily.
(of an official body) suspend its proceedings for a period of time.

Whatever! I'm outta my mind and I like it. Waking up at odd hours to write or to watch NetFlix has been my norm for I don't know how long. One of these nights/early mornings, I'm gonna come up with the okey doke that will change the world. My family depends on it. Our future depends on it. The moves I make are not for me anymore. Everything is for them. When they grow and have pickney they may very well continue the legacy ill innovation.
My oldest Genesis is an ill dancer and a brave communicator. My youngest daughter Zuri Elle aka @BKLYNZU has mad talent. A freestyle beast. Nazzy, my son, is bonkers. Super intelligent, crazy funny and has a photographic memory.
The LORD has been real good to my family. If we never get filthy rich (which I can't see why wouldn't we) I'm content with where we are now. Its a happy moment. Namaste

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Worst Show Ever

So yes I'm back! But for what? Same problems and worst than what I was going through before. The lid on my macbook is done so I have to prop it on the fruit bowl on the dining table for it to stay up. That's really not big of a deal. however because the camera is in the lid, there have been times the lid would drop BRROOP and close hard and there must be some connection damage in the hinge, there are times the iSight camera feels like it don't have to come on today and it don't care if I got a show to do or not. All them things can fix so I continue cut and go through.

There's a new Ustream broadcast web app which is great but it further reveals how lame my situation is. I get a message telling me either my computer or my web connection sucks because the quality that I desire to do my show with is not gonna happen according to them.

Then the video looks like old school MSN Messenger webcam interaction with the stop and go shit. Ain't nobody got time fi that. Still. Regardless of the challenges, I press on because I've had experiences on other cats sights and radio stations where the components appeared labored but I still enjoyed the music and the on air personality AND THAT AINT BROKE OVER HERE.

Please keep rocking with me and I know that day will come when Decent Something will be sounding like Hot 97 or something.

Just wanna big up Miss Lily everytime. I was listening at work and they had The Beatminerz Mr. Walt and Evil Dee on there rockin'! They broadcast from NYC and there is no extra antics. You don't see video, you hear music and the personalities. Me nuh thinkn me ago mek video kill da radio star yah!
This post is a bit of catharsis because InI just realize me nah go show off my face no longer. Just music me a go penetrate. See my live in LA Feb 26th for UMOJA at DUB CLUB if you love watch mon perform. In the meantime, keep on riggling and jiggling to the sounds of our age. BOOM

Monday, January 06, 2014

FastBook - Give It Up To Me

I been on Facebook from when and I've given it some of my best writing, ideas, jokes, memories, grievances, prayers, proverbs, pictures, reviews, etc. I've spent more time on facebook than with my god, my family and my friends. So today I'm deactivating my account. No worries. I appreciate facebook. I just need to spend more quality time with the people and things I have neglected for some time.

I'll still have my CoknIODire page but my personal O Williams aka King CoknI situation will be done done. If you don't hear from me that would be unfortunate because that means our only connect is just facebook.
Reach out when and if you can as will I (am) (stupid) LOL.

We'll see how it go this week. I'll know if I'm an addict in about an hour. Whenever I get the urge, I'm gonna draw for the basic instructions before leaving earth. After that I will spend a likkle time with my family. If they are not around I will call. If they can not be reached by phone I will write them a letter. True me have stamp. Then I'm a check for me real friends dem. Many of them are DJs and I want to be able to help them out as they have helped me out immensely.

Just had a thought. My sound system UMOJA has events to promote and has decided not to rely on social media solely. To do that is not the move. We know better to reach out on the real side. Invite through mail and phone. So me a'go do the same something. I'm mad excited about the outcome.
Pray for your boy king!