Saturday, November 03, 2018


Greetings in the name of His Imperial Majesty, Haile Selassie the First; JAH RASTAFARI!! I love to shout and hear that from the first time I heard when me did small. Now as a man in the community, the praise still Itinues primarily due to it being November 2nd the 88th anniversary of the King's coronation. The weekend of, this Sunday, is when InI will be graced to particpLOVE in the 5th Annual Oak Cliff Reggae Fest. Big Up Ras Elijah and my bredren Joe Mixshow Jockey for the linky. 

I prepare and plan to murder unu bludkleet as a sacrifice to the living god. OK that was crazy but we're never gonna survive unless ... The point is clearly if you are not following my cryptics, is my set ah go ...almost went back into patois. Gonna do my best to entertain one and all Sunday. The weather is gonna be perfecto

Today however I'm going to continue to practice and perfect my set. It's presentation of a representation of the style of reggae that formed my psyche of all things selectacious. I will be selecting and juggling. Bringing my DJ 808 on site which will be my first time using it for a public reggae situation. Me come fo nice up the lawn ... Check my mixcloud for the mix; either my practice set today or my live set tomorrow or JAH Willing both!
That's actually not an insane idea? Get to see the diff between the before and after huh? You know as a performing entertainer, I tend to be conscious of what I present which at times is to my own detriment resulting in not showing up. Inconsistency. This is why I haven't posted a podcast in months. Well if today is the 1st day of the rest of my life, why not begin?
Let me get busy yah?
Enough ranting. See you at the event or journey with me musically online. Love and Light

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Saturday, February 03, 2018


It's February! Happy Black History Month! Nappy Black OurHistory Month! Bob Marley Month, Dennis Brown Month and yes its CoknI O Dire Month. We were all born in February; D Brown on the 1st, Bob on the 6th and InI on the 23rd. Tribe of Joseph YU ZEEE IT? I say that all to say that its an honor to be in this tribe with these guys exactly; the King and Prince of Reggae.

My podcast "Decent Something" is finally available on Mixcloud. Wanted to get it on Soundcloud as well but its gonna take some figuring. The thing is on the free.99 account, you are allotted a limited amount of time and if you exceed that they bounce back an episode to make space for a new one. On this one, they decided to tell me fi GWEH! Since my podcast exceeded the 33 minutes that were available, I couldn't get it on there.
No worries because Mixcloud seems not to care what you do or the length for free. I never forget TINSTAFL (There is no such thing as a free lunch) because I had to do a lotta of work. Hours of editing and ting to get it on Mixcloud. First thing was to encode the aiff to an mp3 because Mixcloud nuh love aiffs. Then I imported the playlist from Serato that for some reason had nothing in certain columns when it populated on the Mixcloud site so I had to edit that. After making it nice and perfect which wasn't easy, it wouldn't let me publish. It said something about I couldn't publish this episode because there were errors in the form that had to be corrected before posting. (How bored are you of this story?)
Long story short, I figured out and here it is!

I say all I said to say that when you see my consistency don't take it for granted as I don't those who are religious with their posts. Federation always on point every Friday playing new music. I don't play new music. DJ Numark does an all vinyl performance video for every sign of the Zodiac equipt with moving camera and new honorees and configurations every year. Not easy.
If you podcast I just encourage you to make it pop. Its worth the work that you usually don't get paid to do but freedom is free for a reason and it's better than all material. I'm old enough to have experienced that without being hyperbolic. The reward is completing something creative and inspiring people in a way that will last longer than your days on the earth. Bless up and blossom

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

The OTO Show

Every Tuesday I plan - contemplate - let's be honest, PROCRASTINATE on doing this podcast.
For therapeutic purposes, I vent out frustrations and play a set having to do with what I'm feeling that week. I have a Mixcloud account and I feel like I'm not doing it the way that I am supposed to do it. Still, I believe that if I just do my best with what I got, then everything will be OK. I'm talking to my man D. Brown and he was like how do you know what to do? I was like as funny as it sounds or cliche, you just gotta do it. Even if it sucks. Just the idea of manifesting what you had in your head and heart is awesome. The success is in showing up. I can understand how that's not easy to do; it's not easy for me. Today's podcast would have never happened if I over-analyzed it or was crazy critical. I mean I am all those things but I can override my psychosis so that I can finish the task at hand.
Anyway, enjoy this and let me know what it do. Subscribe, rate, comment, share and follow man on FB, Twitter and Instagram @KingCoknI SALUTE