Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Umoja Murderation in LA Part 1

Saturday the 12th 2005
in a place name Little Temple in Silverlake, CA., big sound like Umoja Hi Fi came to represent what we represent. King Tomas Ranking at the control tower mixing and blending in the two rooms with bare raggasMuffin power! Him queen did a rope in with camera a tek pickshtah. Mon a shake off we hand, ooman ah bring we water.

Culcha D and fling sweet wine under sister Anne Margaret, DJ Daz and de girls dem deh in constant sweat. Stevie G bring him somebody like sand to the beach, and CoknI the married man skank on the mic, on the stout, and a preach and teach. Jun did a control the corner from den till when. Him a ruffneck chicken who nah wrinkle nah bend.

What a way Umoja just pack up the club, CoknI sell out him CD what a way the crowd a'show love. What a danger when we draw fi de dub fi dub, Stevie G played a Stevie Wonder "Ferl Like Paradise" and niggas wanted him to wheel up!!

No fuss no fight and everybody got paid, Culcha D had his high grade and CoknI get him likkle fade. DJ Daz said after hours a gwan so we jetted to the spot and niced up the celebrity crew with all that we got.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Nicecity - Lover's Rocksteady

This the cover to my first Mix CD for 2005.
I'm gonna sling this sucker at the
UMOJA reunion in LA Saturday.

The CD featuring sweet reggae music
to calm your stress and charm your empress.

Only $5
This is ZHot

Monday, March 07, 2005

First Round

Well you done know say all me waan do is play rub-a-dub and fling sweet wine under me fat ting inna club. All me did 'a really say is give me the raw born rub-a-dub. See wha me a'say? But you nah hear whe mer say?

Is alright still me soon start talk some serious talk. All now is bare faht me a'chat till all when me find out whe me really waan say to unu. so becase and open unu ears to dem werd ya.