Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Must Not Miss Us

Well unu done know say that this the yuletide (whatever that means) season and me is a man love celebrate Christmas from when I was small.

I remember I really wanted to get a walman back in the day when they first came out. Y'all remember it was a Sony Walkman© no cassette just fm and am radio. I also remember that the one I got wasn't Sony, but I didn't give a ... I was just so thankful to get a walman and it sounded so good in redlight stereo.

This year I go the same vibe I had back when because I asked for a certain mp3 player and it feels like I am going to get it! I see it under the tree right now, but I didn't peek or nothin'. I want to be surprised. That's still such a thrill. I been dying to hear my dipset mix tapes and my country music and soundclashes everywhere I go without didsturbing others or having to load CD or have had stuck to a PC. The new life begins 12-25-05.

People may think that Christmas isn't about what you get its about the birth of Christ. No doubt but it can't stop me from being stoked about my empeetree pliggidy!!! Ay big shout to my man Lavelle and my nephew Sha in the Chi. Y'all have really blessed me in this portable media journey. Also got to big up my nephew Deante who holding his down fresh to def at Texas Tech.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!