Thursday, April 26, 2012


Thee frustration is that my current mac is mad slow. I have been pining to get more RAM for it and eventually get a new machine. In the interim I guess its best not too complain. I know people who don't even have electricity and me deh riff about latency. Still, I just wanted to know what you thought about the new edition to the site? As you can see you have the option of looking at past shows, see what them a say in the Social Network and chat with me and other viewers live all without interrupting what's being presented above. A friend at work had a problem when visiting the site for the first time and wasn't sure if they should click the 'Chatty Chatty" link to go tot the chatroom or what. By clicking it you were taken to another page and the show would reload. Not the best online experience in my opinion.

One thing that I work hard at, sometimes to a fault, is doing whatever i can to make the user experience high quality. Which leads me to why I'm even blogging right now. I've been listening to past performances of Decent Something and the OTO Morning Show and while the shows are dope, they need quite a bit of improvement. I'm doing a lot on the fly and many times I commit trainwreckage. Right now s I type, I am laying out the whole scheme of my show just like a professional director would do and have all the elements pre selected because when I'm live and I think of things on the fly, the searching over burdens the processor and causes the infamous beachball leaving me in cyber limbo. Then I got to fill up space with mindless banter about naught. Not doing that no more.

Thee other thing I've noticed that my energy as well as my viewership has plummeted so definitely I need to get on it on it alright alright. My health is stable and I fixed the headphone jack on my mixer. You will hear better blends, iller freestyles, appropriate effects and graphics and of course the best in decent music.

Please holler at me and let me know you read this and if you have any ideas as to make the shows any better I am open to hear at this stage of production. JAH BLESS