Friday, May 19, 2006

Pickney Have Man A'Run Up & Down

Cokni O' Dire - Raggamuffin and Stay
Man weh have pickney, who love fih dem pickney, cyaan relove to wha and wha me a talk bout. Kid wranglin' is no bed of rose. When My wife and I had one joint, we thought, prayed, and planned to do all that was necessary for the child's betterment.

Saved for her education, put her in pretty dresses, raised her in the way she should go so that when she is old she won't depart from it.

Then the next once bounced out and we kept the same intention its just that, as you can overstand, mad challenging to support ya cause when kids require nuff energy.

I mean toting the pickney too and fro, feeding, cleaning, etc., wears you out! Now with the final entry, my son, we put most of our energy into doing whatever it takes to get them to bed so that we can at least get 5 hrs sleep.