Tuesday, March 01, 2016

It's My Beat

I love my children sincerely. I just know they can get on my nerves sometimes. I'm not ashamed to say, but I am learning more about who they are over what I want them to be. I pray they become who they wanna be and that I and their mom is able to provide all they need to reach their purpose in life. Also that we can tolerate their sometimes annoying process on their way to purpose. Its not easy, but I believe if I gotta beat it into you then its something you're not in to.
The bible talks about spare the rod; spoil the child. However, another of my beliefs is that the rod isn't corporal punishment but firm guidance like a shepherd guiding lambs out the street or away from wolves. If I beat them for doing wrong all the time, I'm establishing that they should be afraid of me when they make mistakes and they will be prone to become liars. Something I definitely don't want them to be but it would be something I created in them.
I was afraid of my dad. It cost me a possible successful art and music career. I was afraid to ask for the fare to go to the entrance exam at Art and Design High School. I coulda been in there the same time as Mobb Deep and Pharoahe
Pharoahe Monch and Me NY 1993
but I was afraid to ask for a simple thing because my dad established himself more as a person to fear than respect. I don't really blame him. His dad was a strict disciplinarian and so am I. The difference is I'm a big believer in THE WORD. That's what I beat them with because you can't beat that!!
I never thought I would beat my kids after 5 years of age because from my experience at 5 they are able to communicate quite well. Though we put them in kindergarten, never give up the opportunity to parent your children or guide your little nephews and cousins in the way they should go not the way YOU think they should go.

So all parents new and seasoned build up the courage to deal with your crazy kids so that their level of ignorance and awkwardness is not reason for you to hook off or body slam them but don't ease up. Anyone who obeys because they afraid to get their head flown or they get a reward for obedience is a pet, a slave who will never respect their masters. (Look like I got a lot to say today.) Think about who you respect either IRL or a sports figure or celebrity. I'm sure those persons have never inflicted violence on you or paid you for your homage. Right? We respond to their consistent goodness just like the God we serve. I'm a'end this by asking you to remember how good God has been to you, how bad your parents were to you, how better you could have liked to have been respected as a child, and how you want the best for your children and the next generation no matter how ratchet you are. Love is love. Ahight yaw stay chune. Book soon