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Wednesday March 03, 2021 @ The Green Elephant ting called Drum DJAM

Sunday, January 31, 2021


Dennis Emmanuel Brown: Singer/Songwriter/Legend/

Crowned Prince of Reggae by Bob Marley (born February 1, 1957, Kingston - † July 1, 1999, Kingston) was one of the most popular artists in the history of Jamaican recorded music. Among his hits : "Money In My Pocket", "Sitting and Watching", "Revolution ", "Love And Hate", "Promised Land", "Should I". 

This is the first of my daily challenge to post 28 gems of our story that resonate with my purpose as a DJ of the melanated diaspora. Tune in at 12AM 02/01/2021 for an all D Brown tribute on KQBH FM @kqbhla and HAPPY BLACK HISTORY & REGGAE 

Monday, October 07, 2019


The unity sound playing the best music in the reggae diaspora every Sunday represented by UMOJA dons TOMAS, CULTURE-D & KING COKNI on NICE UP RADIO!!

Saturday, November 03, 2018


Greetings in the name of His Imperial Majesty, Haile Selassie the First; JAH RASTAFARI!! I love to shout and hear that from the first time I heard when me did small. Now as a man in the community, the praise still Itinues primarily due to it being November 2nd the 88th anniversary of the King's coronation. The weekend of, this Sunday, is when InI will be graced to particpLOVE in the 5th Annual Oak Cliff Reggae Fest. Big Up Ras Elijah and my bredren Joe Mixshow Jockey for the linky. 

I prepare and plan to murder unu bludkleet as a sacrifice to the living god. OK that was crazy but we're never gonna survive unless ... The point is clearly if you are not following my cryptics, is my set ah go ...almost went back into patois. Gonna do my best to entertain one and all Sunday. The weather is gonna be perfecto

Today however I'm going to continue to practice and perfect my set. It's presentation of a representation of the style of reggae that formed my psyche of all things selectacious. I will be selecting and juggling. Bringing my DJ 808 on site which will be my first time using it for a public reggae situation. Me come fo nice up the lawn ... Check my mixcloud for the mix; either my practice set today or my live set tomorrow or JAH Willing both!
That's actually not an insane idea? Get to see the diff between the before and after huh? You know as a performing entertainer, I tend to be conscious of what I present which at times is to my own detriment resulting in not showing up. Inconsistency. This is why I haven't posted a podcast in months. Well if today is the 1st day of the rest of my life, why not begin?
Let me get busy yah?
Enough ranting. See you at the event or journey with me musically online. Love and Light

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