Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Must Not Miss Us

Well unu done know say that this the yuletide (whatever that means) season and me is a man love celebrate Christmas from when I was small.

I remember I really wanted to get a walman back in the day when they first came out. Y'all remember it was a Sony Walkman© no cassette just fm and am radio. I also remember that the one I got wasn't Sony, but I didn't give a ... I was just so thankful to get a walman and it sounded so good in redlight stereo.

This year I go the same vibe I had back when because I asked for a certain mp3 player and it feels like I am going to get it! I see it under the tree right now, but I didn't peek or nothin'. I want to be surprised. That's still such a thrill. I been dying to hear my dipset mix tapes and my country music and soundclashes everywhere I go without didsturbing others or having to load CD or have had stuck to a PC. The new life begins 12-25-05.

People may think that Christmas isn't about what you get its about the birth of Christ. No doubt but it can't stop me from being stoked about my empeetree pliggidy!!! Ay big shout to my man Lavelle and my nephew Sha in the Chi. Y'all have really blessed me in this portable media journey. Also got to big up my nephew Deante who holding his down fresh to def at Texas Tech.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Friday, September 30, 2005

Ah What Some Guy Feel Like?!

Man i just peeped my dog from me Umoja Sound Culture D's Site and it's so beauticial. What a TinG!
Being away from LA for so long I can better appreciate what good be going on out there. The other thing is, He inspires me to do a better job as a Bloggamuffin. So I'm gonna take this time to look for some pictures and other graphic elements that represent what I'm a bout. Ite? Check it out!!

You know how we roll.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Is This Gonna Work?

Is This Gonna Work?Is this letting me in there like that? In the event someone reads this, what is going on is I clicked the "Blog This" link and it took me to a window where I could begin typing in content. Since this is like that, I like that!

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Its Our Anniversary

Today is my wife and I's 10 year wedding anniversary. It has been an ill ride, but we still rolling. Marriage from my point of view and belief is impossible without God. The key to its success is letting go of the idea that you have to change the person you're with so they can better suit you and that you don't have to change because that person married you for who you are.

In other words, If you marry a drunk and you try to change them by telling them there will be no drinking in the house, they will get a beer from the bar and then cheat on you. If you are a drunk and you marry someone whose parents you know were alkies so you don't change, they will wait till you go to the bar and then cheat on you.

So take my advice and don't take nobody advice and let the Spirit of God move you to the one you should be with and get ya mind right to handle a life long committment with someone you don't really know. Please pray for our marriagebecause 10 years is not really that long of a time. I talked to someone recently who have been married for like 62 years to rhatid and that really looks good on you. I believe we can make it and I feel bad for all my familyy and friends whose marriages ain't pop off like they expected, but life still goes on as Sade would say, "Why are you walking away? Hang On To Your Love!"

Saturday, July 30, 2005

I & iChunes

What a ting I just get on to iTunes. My thinking was I n I ain't got no Mac neither iPod so whe me a'do wit fi dem ting? Come to find out (if you didn't already know and don't snap on my old ass just cause I just got on!) you can get almost anything for a dollar!

I was like well dat good cah I'm spending minimum six dollars a single and have been feeling like a hypocritical pirate vicking niggas beats from Danish websites and the like.

So this here for all conscious man and fan to get ya little emps and den burn ya cd with the friggry you don't wouldn't waste 10 joint$ on NOW that's what I call music just to get that one or two top 40 pieces that you have to have for the wedding you doing, kids bday party or ya industry function where they never heard of Little Brother much less Damian Marley.

Right now, praise God, I got blessed with a lap top and I'm fixin' to DJ my first wedding with it. I'm practicing while on my vacation, but tings a run slow 'cause my crackhead cousin caught me for my DJ tool kit and now I'm short patch cords and rca's. I waan murdah him, but I forgive him since Christ forgave me for the dirt I have done quite recently (none of ya bloodKlot).

Hopefully I can get a presser that can make vinyl out of some of these downloads and then certain stores are going to start sell cigarettes and tall necks inorder to pay them over head. Nah that ain't really gonna happen as long as vinyl stays true to its way; Ill production, cool covers, and them Dirt Style© scratch records that we need to keep the chops on point.

I have yet to afford a CD DJ console, but God is able to provide turntable and that a'nuh fable. So all you DJ's that think I sold out, what do you want from me? I got three kids and no gigs how else am I to get music when I'm not inna record pool or disgustingly laced with promos as a radio jock? If you got the hook up and then hook I up.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Can I Live

I been having a hardcore bout with asthma since I started to DJ in LA from like 1990 so'm. We were doing the club B-Side in West Hollywood when at the end of the night I went home because I felt funny in my chest. I started to feel like I was gonna die so I called my man Culcha D and he came to my rescue and dragged me to the emergency. Most people who have astma acquire when they are young and then beat it as they get older. I think this is my plight but I aint really gonna stay here thinking that this will be my end. Now I got my little medications and I gotta say today is a good day.

If you nuh know what Asthma is its just that ya air passage gets swoll and your breathing becomes difficult. On top of that I got these ill algeries that I assume I inherited from migratory experiences. Born in the UK move to NY then to LA and now in The D, most bush and spore don't know me like that and not really welcoming so as a result my asthma is also triggered bt the alergies everywhere I go. But still I got my little meds for that thank God.

Imagine how much I appreciate the smell of food cooking and breathing in this good southern air on a beautiful 4th of July like this where I ain't got to go to my J.O and risk another attack from stress and strain. If you got the day off good for you if you working, well you help make America great. I aint really have nothing to say but I thought I better say something and not waste this blessing of blog I got.

Thanks for reading. One Lung.

Friday, April 29, 2005

Science Reunion

Me nah go long talk it right now. All me waaan tell who nuh is April 28th was boom shell inside the Larchmont thing call Respect 6 year Anniversary. It was also the first time in a long time the Science crew got together. Man like Clutch, Machete, Raymond Roker, Jun, MC ?, and I did the damn thing inside this Drum and Bass extravaganza.

My brethren Hier came thru to rave with we and his crew. It was good seeing the I.DJ Hier and InI
Culture D took these pictures and the boy is a rassClot nutter. My old raas put out the energy and then when mi try hold a small chill, him take the mick and took some flick. Check.Dead Stinking

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Ah Yah We Deh

This Thursday I'm a be in LA yet once again thank God to do the Science Reunion thank God.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Niggas Better Get It Write


I bought one of your "nice city" cd's at the little temple recently. Great show! Great selection! After listening to your cd at home and in the ride, I gotta ask about the sound quality.
Some stuff on there is pretty distorted (check out track#9 for example - especially when buju comes in) and the levels shift constantly - I gotta keep riding the bass. It kind of takes away from your great mixing.
I'd like to know if I you have a semi-mastered version with consistent levels or if maybe I just got a bad copy.

I know it was only 5 bucks and all, but I know you take pride in your
work so just thought I 'd ask.
I buy alot of mixed cd's and trust me - your selection and steez blows
away the competition but the sound quality is kind of a drag


Louis Bravo

Pardon me for the late response. I have had some issues with my email acct. Forget the small talk let me deal with your case. I have remastered it due to some of the problems u mentioned, however some of the songs that are distorted I haven't had time to fix and test. I can re-make the cd and send you or send you the new version which has been re-tracked so that when you hit your skip button it goes to the track its supposed to rather than the middle or whatever.

I appreciate your compliments and the time you took to write. You can either send me your address or I can send it to Amoeba and you can deal with Jun of my crew as I currently reside in Dallas.
The fact that I sold it for 5 quid is not an issue or excuse when it comes to quality. I didn't make it to be worth $5, I made it for those who know how I get down and love good selection. The errors technology on it was due to the setting in which it was recorded that from this point on we are learning how to bettr prepare and monitor fluxtuating levels. Culture D has a new CD that I'm a see if I can send that your way King.
Bless up and stay tune for more ah wah we a'bring to all massive and crowd.

> Cokni,

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Umoja Murderation in LA Part 1

Saturday the 12th 2005
in a place name Little Temple in Silverlake, CA., big sound like Umoja Hi Fi came to represent what we represent. King Tomas Ranking at the control tower mixing and blending in the two rooms with bare raggasMuffin power! Him queen did a rope in with camera a tek pickshtah. Mon a shake off we hand, ooman ah bring we water.

Culcha D and fling sweet wine under sister Anne Margaret, DJ Daz and de girls dem deh in constant sweat. Stevie G bring him somebody like sand to the beach, and CoknI the married man skank on the mic, on the stout, and a preach and teach. Jun did a control the corner from den till when. Him a ruffneck chicken who nah wrinkle nah bend.

What a way Umoja just pack up the club, CoknI sell out him CD what a way the crowd a'show love. What a danger when we draw fi de dub fi dub, Stevie G played a Stevie Wonder "Ferl Like Paradise" and niggas wanted him to wheel up!!

No fuss no fight and everybody got paid, Culcha D had his high grade and CoknI get him likkle fade. DJ Daz said after hours a gwan so we jetted to the spot and niced up the celebrity crew with all that we got.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Nicecity - Lover's Rocksteady

This the cover to my first Mix CD for 2005.
I'm gonna sling this sucker at the
UMOJA reunion in LA Saturday.

The CD featuring sweet reggae music
to calm your stress and charm your empress.

Only $5
This is ZHot

Monday, March 07, 2005

First Round

Well you done know say all me waan do is play rub-a-dub and fling sweet wine under me fat ting inna club. All me did 'a really say is give me the raw born rub-a-dub. See wha me a'say? But you nah hear whe mer say?

Is alright still me soon start talk some serious talk. All now is bare faht me a'chat till all when me find out whe me really waan say to unu. so becase and open unu ears to dem werd ya.