Saturday, November 21, 2009


Friday the 20th of November I dedicated the Otee-O Show to my brother William Wilson aka Crazy Bill aka CERONE TPA. He was the cat that I met on the Q4 bus with Uncle Rock. I was in the back of the bus with one of my boys. I had to be about 15 and I had a copy of the Wild Style soundtrack album I just bought. Cer asked to see it and then said thank you and got off the bus. So I just got taxed but it was an honor being vicked by a legend. Cer represented the crew The Public Animals. You could see their work all over New York. They bombed parks, buildings, buses, trains, you know.
Cer lived off Linden in my neighborhood of Cambria Heights, Queens so he couldn't do dirt and not be seen around to get ya stuff back. I didn't want my stuff back; I wanted to BOMB. He put me under the wing. I met all the writers I looked up to and the sad but true thing was they were all criminals.
I'm thankful still because I had actual life death experiences that kept me out of prison and I share things with my kids to prepare them to avoid the the tricks and traps.
Crazy Bill was gunned down in Kingston, Jamaica where he had been deported to. After being robbed the bastards sprayed the cab he and a lady were in. I know Bill he wasn't a sucker and I believed he was unarmed but still a threat to them fassies that took his life. I'm never gonna get over the losses this year, but I trust the LORD's purpose for whatever He allows to happen. In the end it will all make sense

Monday, November 16, 2009

Decent Something 11/15/09

Trust me this is one of the wickedest shows I ever done. I'd like to believe that I just get better with time but the truth is I get better with routine. I have to discipline myself to practice and prepare a show that is above standard. Its not enough to just play classics or new chune. I want to provide a fresh approach, presentation and performance to the good good people who take time out of their Sunday to watch me spin record like a rass rock back idiot.
My bredren Max Glazer ( who I religiously listen to. Came through to view on Sunday and I'm telling I are not gonna be the same. BOOM

Decent Something 45 Segment 11/15/09

You know what I do. Basically and is. Started this past Sunday I added a new
feature to the format which is to play 7" 45s at 7:45 EST on Sunday.
Big up Richie Criss and Rankin Tomas for the energy that led to the idea.. BOOM

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Starting All Over Again It's Gonna Be Rough

BUMBO what a ting! My hard drive failed on me and just shut down without warning. So I lost a lot of stuff. Or so I think. I know I had all my music backed up on an external but there's some Serato situations that I'm at a current loss for. All the vinyl rips that I did I never backed up. All my little iChat business I think is dead.

Okay its today right now and a lot of progress has been made. from the previous paragraph I can see that I over reacted a bit. Things are pretty intact. I still have an issue with the pictures, but the spirit is telling me to not worry and and dive into freedom. So... OK DEN.

I still have to build up my Serato library and prep a Otee-O and a Decent Something show. I'm a try and do that today, but man did I lose some cool rips and effects. Let me stop complaining and loafing and let me get down to the business. Plus The Office coming on so there aint really that much time to tarry.

After I take the red pill, I'm a take another lude which is Jailbreaking my phone. Babu got me amp about it and I'm not as scared as I used to be. Plus my warranty is dead so no worries on that. Next time I write I should have a JB'd phone and some new order on my machine. Umoja!!

Sunday, November 01, 2009


This one is dedicated to my black woman. My wife, friend, and mother of my children. I also share this with all women who mean so much to me. My Grandma, Mommy, aunties and my sisters. I also appreciate the female Decent Something listeners so I just wanna big up SweetBacck, Melissa, beLovely, Cynical Smith, UCME2, and of course DeJeanne.

Remember to Respect and Protect The Black Woman Queen of The Universe. SALUTE