Friday, April 29, 2005

Science Reunion

Me nah go long talk it right now. All me waaan tell who nuh is April 28th was boom shell inside the Larchmont thing call Respect 6 year Anniversary. It was also the first time in a long time the Science crew got together. Man like Clutch, Machete, Raymond Roker, Jun, MC ?, and I did the damn thing inside this Drum and Bass extravaganza.

My brethren Hier came thru to rave with we and his crew. It was good seeing the I.DJ Hier and InI
Culture D took these pictures and the boy is a rassClot nutter. My old raas put out the energy and then when mi try hold a small chill, him take the mick and took some flick. Check.Dead Stinking

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Ah Yah We Deh

This Thursday I'm a be in LA yet once again thank God to do the Science Reunion thank God.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Niggas Better Get It Write


I bought one of your "nice city" cd's at the little temple recently. Great show! Great selection! After listening to your cd at home and in the ride, I gotta ask about the sound quality.
Some stuff on there is pretty distorted (check out track#9 for example - especially when buju comes in) and the levels shift constantly - I gotta keep riding the bass. It kind of takes away from your great mixing.
I'd like to know if I you have a semi-mastered version with consistent levels or if maybe I just got a bad copy.

I know it was only 5 bucks and all, but I know you take pride in your
work so just thought I 'd ask.
I buy alot of mixed cd's and trust me - your selection and steez blows
away the competition but the sound quality is kind of a drag


Louis Bravo

Pardon me for the late response. I have had some issues with my email acct. Forget the small talk let me deal with your case. I have remastered it due to some of the problems u mentioned, however some of the songs that are distorted I haven't had time to fix and test. I can re-make the cd and send you or send you the new version which has been re-tracked so that when you hit your skip button it goes to the track its supposed to rather than the middle or whatever.

I appreciate your compliments and the time you took to write. You can either send me your address or I can send it to Amoeba and you can deal with Jun of my crew as I currently reside in Dallas.
The fact that I sold it for 5 quid is not an issue or excuse when it comes to quality. I didn't make it to be worth $5, I made it for those who know how I get down and love good selection. The errors technology on it was due to the setting in which it was recorded that from this point on we are learning how to bettr prepare and monitor fluxtuating levels. Culture D has a new CD that I'm a see if I can send that your way King.
Bless up and stay tune for more ah wah we a'bring to all massive and crowd.

> Cokni,