Sunday, July 22, 2007

Mr. Mama

InI wife went on a business trip to NY and I am left to take care of the kids. I don't mind it at all, its just kinda crazy to do it with out her. Now I get a better idea of what she has to do to control these little werewolves. Going grocery shopping and feeding them is not as easy as I thought. You can't shop when their hungry. You have to have food already and notice that if you eat it tomorrow their won't be anything left so its at that point you take inventory and put a grocery list together.

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When Mo came back it was clear to see that the kids were here greatest joy. She missed them so much and although she needed a break, it was hard for her to be away for so long. The kids were not changing their behavior to welcome mommy. They were the same little gremlins the were when she was away. They started begging for her to give them gum. Started crying for nothing, walking out into the street unattended. Just madness!

Still I'm happy we're back together again!

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