Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I Got It Now

Its been over a year (still can't believe it) doing this Ustreamness. Its been all that I thought it would be. I play what I wanna play for people all over the world. Met some cool folks and I'm learning from a great network of DJs that we call ONE NATION RADIO. The Most Dangerous @DJMELLSTAR, @BOOGIEBLIND, @DJ_SKINNY, @SISTASTROKE, @DUMMYTHEDJ to name a few who inspire me and have shared their music.
One of our listeners Dooks P from the UK actually gave me some advice about how to format my shows, He simply asked if zi ever thought of a theme? The thing is, I pride myself on not playing predictable formats, but just so that I don't lose anybody including myself, I will share with you the DECENT SOMETHING LISTENING GUIDE.

Sundays at 7PM EST 4PM PST I do my Reggae program. I start with the intro chune "PREPARE" by Luciano and from there for the first half hour I play JAH-centric music. This is music that glorifies the Creator. My ideal is biblical in which you seek the LORD first and then everything after. I used to practice RastafarI and Islam and even though I am Christian I haven't canceled out my allegiance to Rasta or Allah. My belief is Ras Tafari is Christ in His Kingly character and Allah means more than our concept of God. Much bigger than our human physical understanding. (Pardon me for proselytizing. We can talk about that on a later date.)

The next 15 minutes I play some crucial roots music. The intro song is "Roots" - Bob Marley. After that on the East it oughta be 7:45 so I start play pure 7" 45s for the next 15 minutes. My joints rep my whole show as I juggle from Ragga to Rocksteady to Roots to Dub to Ska to Classics. At the top of the hour its FIRETIME at 8PM so its time to shake off the crosses and have a good time for a half then its all about ROCKERS (Lovers Rock, Rocksteady, Classics and the like.)
Glory to GOD I have been getting great response. Thanks again Dooks P, Richie Criss and my wife and Queen for helping me structure the program.

On ALIVE ON ARRIVAL Mondays 2PM EST I set it off with GOSPEL (Not the stuff that made you wanna leave church but the stuff that make you wanna got to church in the first place. LOL) Then I don't where I go from there but I trust the LORD that I wind up there. Please send me any requests or critique. Its all for you!


Sunday, August 01, 2010

Sinus is a Minus, Plus it Sucks!!!

Real quick. I been sufering for bout 2 weeks with severe sinus congestion and drainage. Its wack as hell. I be having a conversation with a colleague or client and my nose would run like Bolt. Its the worst. I'm getting allergy shots form my doc, but I don't love that. I truly believe there's a cure in the herb. If you have any answers to how I can be cured naturally. Please hit me up at Thank you and I'll talk to you later man.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Downtown Top Rankin

Every Thursday in Lower East Side Manhattan my peoples Deadly Dragon Sound do a thing called Downtown Top Rankin. On the 27th of May I was graced to rock with them the night I hit NY. My cousin  Phil [@MrArchersNYC] came with and caught about 3 trains from Queens to get to the LES.
The night was beautiful and the crowd was diverse as me nuh know wha. I reunited with my bredren J Debeck[@jDeadlyDragon], my man Scratch Famous [@deadlydragon], my boy Mr. K and my sista Queen Majesty [@thequeenmajesty]. Big up my man Ademola [@molarola] and Select came through there people making it a One Love Jamdown.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

NY York Trip

On the 27th of May I went to NY all courtesy of my cousin @Mr ArchersNYC who I affectionately refer to as Phil. I had a gig when I arrived with Deadly Dragon Sound at Happy Ending in the Lower East Side. The event was an intimate reggae affair. Selectors Scratch Famous, Queen Majesty, Mr. K, and J Debeck represented magnificantly. I wasn't too bad either. Salute.
I planned my trip in a way that I wouldn't be burnt out an that  wouldn't miss certain folks. Only things I was scheduled for was the gig with Deadly Dragon Thursday, live broadcast with the Beatminerz on Saturday and their birthday party at club Sutra on Sunday. Since I didn't have anything pressing on Friday, I thought I would just chill and got to Cambria and see my old school crew and the houses I grew up in. I hadn't been out there in 20 odd years and its the illest feeling walkin down the block where you learned to ride a bike, used to trick a treat on. It was a good feeling. Went to my old PS and IS which they have changed to MS.
The Ave hasn't changed. Its still hustly. Had a gotta slice of pizza and my favorite soda GUINNESS.

Walking down the Ave seeing races I haven't seen from when reminded how diverse the environment I come from is and is probably why I'm so crazy. Also I think I saw four fights in a day and 3 car accidents. One cat screamed on a girl saying "I'm supposed to be scared of you because you have an ugly face?!" I LOVE NY! New York, Jamaica and England are the only places I know where you can go to the store and buy one beer or up to five out of the six pack if you wanted to. Can't do that in TX . Well not in Dallas (maybe Houston). Still.

Monday, May 24, 2010



THURS. May 27

FRI. May 28th
SAT. May 29th

Then whence Sunday come pon the 30th its all about the  BEATMINERZ BIRTHDAY BOOM DANCE TO BLURZNAHT!!!

Start Time:
Sunday, May 30, 2010 at 10:00pm
End Time:
Monday, May 31, 2010 at 4:00am
New York, NY


Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm Doing ME- What am I doing?

yea man I like that song by that nigga. Decent Something Sunday was unexpectedly better than I thought it was gonna be. I started the day getting everybody up and ready for church, then my me and the queen had a "discussion" before we went in the church house. I already took the kids into their Sunday School situations so the wife and I could worship without distractions. You know kids like to go to the bathroom and carry on various shegry and nuh love sit still. Anyway, the Queen and I were having a hearty talk and then when we got into the sanctuary the pastor (Dr. Tony Evans) was beginning to get down and his first words were on point with where we were spiritually.
Basically there is power that we have authority to access and engage, but we don't. We may want this or that and pray for it but we were enlightened that what the LORD has for you has already been given we just outside of the spiritual reality of what's going on like the matrix you know?
Pastor Evans gave the perfect illustration of the electric company that has already put power into your house, but you call them and say, "TURN MY LIGHTS ON! TURN MY FRIDGE ON! TURN MY TV ON!" The electric might hang up on you because you buggin. Its  not their job to turn on what you been provided with. Its ON YOU to make a move to get it on.
Marinate on that and I'll probably speak more on that on REIGN CHECK Tuesday. GOD UP!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

O Got It

I'm Rev Runnin. Blogging from my phone so o won't have any excise to not do my dailies. Well as long as I keep the phone on. Which brings me to what I been trying to push on DECENT SOMETHING. I need help with what I want to accomplish. There is no support at this time. No sponsors or advertisers.  My shows have integrity so I don't get money from certain people because of their agenda which is in contrast to mine. My agenda has always been unity and building the Kingdom of The Most High. The people who log in to my show, chat up the chatroom, leave comments, send me messages on facebook and twitter and most effective, DONATE. My equipment is in bad need of repair and I need help with utility costs.

I have a great job at UPS. It's part-time so I'm not earning as much as I need for extra-curricking, but it does alot me the time to do what I wanna do during the day since it's a graveyard shift. Honestly, I hate work but who doesn't. Like Guru said, I got some tallent so do you hear my point.
I'm up in this warehouse right now full of dust and noise from conveyors and trucks. I keep my headphones on to study what I'm gonna play on the next show and I'm motivate to buss up the shiffin row and get out ta here to hit the Decent Studio.

My pastor said if you gotta a job that you hate going to but do it because it's good money then it's not a good job. Resentment will prevail and we will express it on the less deserving and innocent (spouse, kids, people driving on the parkway). I encourage you to do what you love. 
If it's not the time for whatever reason, pray for that time. And if you have the time but you're sitting in front of the screen with Cheetos, manage your time don't waste it. We can't make time. Time keeps moving. You can only make yourself be on time. 
One of the greatest things that I've learned and applied was actually the old Sticks and Stones adage. I revisited it through Steve Harvey who said one of the best things you can do for yourself is to not let what people say, think, or do effect you to the point it changes your mood or prevents your progress even if that person is yourself. Its a very empowering practice and it can save you time by getting you outta certain ruts if you are a sensitive person like I am. My man Mr. Walt used to crash me with jokes and i started to take it to heart but not anymore. Its just a joke and even if he was dead ass, its still what he says from his view it doesn't make it the truth about me absolute. You see what I'm saying. If it didn't make you don't let it break you. That's what I was talking about on REIGN CHECK last Tuesday

I'm thankful for this time to blog and I'll see y'all on Anger Management tonight. Salute DJ WayneSki ( King CoknI and I'm gone like the winter. SALUTE

Thursday, April 08, 2010


Peace and Blessings! Just wanted to briefly update you on the changes being made to the programming on my station. Currently there are 3 shows that I control and I intend to add an UMOJA show a KPL show and an ELPD show. This is turning out to be a great year. Now that BDS is Black history, we now rep ONE NATION RADIO. There is still a tinge of politicks but I'm not gonna meditate on it. Strictly concentrating on progress.

Mondays is Alive on Arrival which I'm gonna start do on Tuesdays as well. The Tuesday show is gonna be called REIGN CHECK and its gonna be more of a talk show format like Mama Chula Wednesdays and Cynical Linden on Sunday. I'm gonna build podcasts from the music played on Monday and Tuesday.

Beginning Saturday April 10, 2010 the musical thing called the LUNCH MONEY PODCAST will debut where I cater to my folk in the UK and fam across the Atlantic. I will be archiving and podcasting that show but the Monday and Tuesday shows will not be archived. I'm determined to provide quality programming and as I am not paid a salary for it, your donations and participation keep the how going. Right now I'm suffering with low memory on my machine causing it to frequently glitch and freeze.

I appreciate everything trust me. Big up my man RzaNumba1 for looking out from jump. RESPECT

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lovers Rock

Strictly Rub A Dub haffi play pon Valentines Day Sunday on Decent Something. Comment or email me your favorite Lovers Rock chune and I will do my best to bless. SALUTE

Monday, February 08, 2010

BobDillaDbrown SuperBowl SUNDAY

February a kick off well yes? The First was Dennis Emanuel Brown, The Prince of Reggae's Birthday. Saturday The 6th was Roberta Nesta Marley, The King of Reggae's and Sunday the 7th was James D Yancy aka Jay Dee aka J Dilla aka Dilla Dawg's BDay. Not to mention The New Orleans Saints victory over the Indianapolis Colts in Super Bowl XLIV (Extra Live!). I played a tribute to all these champs by representing the rebellious revolutionary presentation they put forward to win.

Nuff respect to my sister Sweetbacck, My dude Thessalonious, BuzzaBuzz, BiggermanJaro, MamaLioness the whole Beatminerz and De La Soul Dugout camp. More people were watching the game than interacting in the chat room as expected but the forementioned people kept the energy LIVE. Also gotta big up DJ Esquire and Mr. Walt who set it off earlier on BeatMinerz radio. Amazing vibe that day It would appear that the celebration was received by the ancestors because the day was so blessed. I pray that the rest of the week is as beautiful. Alive on Arrival is gonna be glorious on Monday I know that much. Lastly I wanna thank God for having Bumpy Knuckles Scratch and Maseo in the chat yesterday! Its going down!! BLESS BLESS

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Good Word

I was listening to the Ricky Smiley Show for the firs time in a long time. Pastor Haynes came on and had a real good message. The message was whatever negative thing anyone has to say about you or your project is something you shouldn't give any concern to. He said it wasn't our business but their business! When I heard that I was like YEAH because them haters don't know me they just know what they see and what they witness in the past or heard but it still ain't first of all and definitely far from my future.

Not too many people have said daunting things toward me but the few that have really hurt me to the core, but me nah let that happen after this. So I hope you are blessed from reading this because I personally know a lot of y'all are more than what I see. I see some ill business owners some sick artists and producers that soon run them owner thing.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Last year there started a movement with the 3 made men stations on that I was messing with. Beatminerz Radio, DeLa Soul's Dugout, and formed BDS. Others such as myself thought that was great. It was a movement that unified the music that was made by the guys that were also the DJs for their stations. It also included all that were affiliated such as BeatJunkies, Justice League, Soul Assasins and The Funhouse in the UK.

There have been legendary broadcasts of an intimate session with Mos Def on the De La Soul's Dugout, a dope interview with KRSONE and Bumpy Knuckles What could go wrong? Nobody was getting paid, you ain't have to pay to enjoy the broadcasts and what it was doing in essence was bring us closer to the fans and bringing us fans closer to the cream of hip hop. Obviously there's the matter of marketing and brand building that shouldn't be ignored, but all that can pop without getting in the way of BDS business. Or as it would seem.

First thing to go awry was Scratch's situation with his personal relationship with Spinderella which someone felt was not supposed to sit well with anyone on Scratchvision. It erupted into the site getting shut down and all kinda awkwardness which I never signed up for. Scratch not one to be bullied by terrorism, rose above the negativity an relaunched his site and kept it all live and intact. I like Scratch. He's a champ from the hood winning the Battle for World Supremacy as a DJ back in the day and elevating the sound of one of the best rap groups in history, EPMD. Scratch also has an enormous catalog of songs that he produced and another credit to him was when ask in a issue of Scratch magazine who his favorite producer was he gave it up to Jay Dee/J Dilla. Scratch aka The Prez aka Superman aka Jason aka Immaculate Hands is a superstar and at times he comes off conceited. I don't see him like that. He should boost up himself. I learned a lot from him and when I met him at Beatminerz studio he gave me mad love.

Scratch is about getting that dough and he about the culture. The culture of staying fly which is a big a part of hip-hop that a lot of cats either ignore or so it wrong, but everybody wants to be fly. His studio is fly, his approach to the game is fly, and he got the fly line up on his show. DJ June, Spinna, Kenny Dope and he got a ill sex-Ed show Toy Chest with BK Mami Crazy Toy Lady and one of my favorite DJs, Mocha Sunflower of the BeatMinerz.

De La Soul's Maseo heads The Dugout and out of all the stations, its my favorite to visit. The Dugout has a positive vibe. They play all types of music uncut and touch on all types of topics but somehow the vibe of the show is always positive. Freddie Foxxx aka Bumpy Knuckles aka The OG was ushered in on The Dugout. Through this exposure I got to see Bumpy in a different light. I was always intimidated by his presence as well as one should be, but in The Dugout he came off mad more approachable and he mad more talent than I would of ever realized. He was always cool with me. Hit me up from time to time with advice on how I could enhance my broadcast and ting. Good yout.


Maseo called me and told me he wasn't with it no more. He felt Scratch didn't allow anyone access to co-host and then worst part was when he announced that him and Bumpy was through. Maseo patiently expressed where his allegiance was and let be know if anything happened to him or his family that it would be on Bumpy. I was like whoa as you might of been. All I know is I don't know WTF is going on. I'm just about this music and its mission. I'm praying for all this to squash and squelch, but in the meantime its just BDS for what it means to me: