Thursday, May 04, 2017


It's just a podcast. Get paid!
The theme is money. I thought it overkill to write the same description I have on the podcast page but what if you never go there? At any rate, I'm gonna regurge the sentient without plagiarizing myself. Basically, when I did this I wasn't thinking about Star Wars but you can definitely feel the force with all the bass and sound effects and what not. Pretty much most of my sets are organic. That's cool but I would prefer as an artist to be perfect and plan properly. Still, I can tell before going in by the time of day, my mind flow, the area I'm working, that everything is gonna be alright. As a practitioner of Feng Shui, I maintain positive energy in my environment. It's difficult because everybody not on that shit. With that been said, I know it's on me to be the change I want in my life. So here in a nutshell is a mix that's money based. Collaterals. Capitalism. Fulfillment and the fullness thereof. Getting the gwap, the trap, the plata, the FUCKING CASH! It's important to bag because money don't stay; its to spend, lose, and lend. PERIOD. Lets allow me to lighten up a bit. Apparently, all this talk of mammon got me spirited. Back to the force. Those few who that have yet to see anything in the Star Wars anthology should be familiar with THE FORCE, The god of science. I need it you need it and I hope you have it. PLEASE RATE COMMENT SUBSCRIBE DONATE AND SHARE. I'm doing my best to deliver my best for my family and culture. Your support is appreciated.

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