Monday, January 06, 2014

FastBook - Give It Up To Me

I been on Facebook from when and I've given it some of my best writing, ideas, jokes, memories, grievances, prayers, proverbs, pictures, reviews, etc. I've spent more time on facebook than with my god, my family and my friends. So today I'm deactivating my account. No worries. I appreciate facebook. I just need to spend more quality time with the people and things I have neglected for some time.

I'll still have my CoknIODire page but my personal O Williams aka King CoknI situation will be done done. If you don't hear from me that would be unfortunate because that means our only connect is just facebook.
Reach out when and if you can as will I (am) (stupid) LOL.

We'll see how it go this week. I'll know if I'm an addict in about an hour. Whenever I get the urge, I'm gonna draw for the basic instructions before leaving earth. After that I will spend a likkle time with my family. If they are not around I will call. If they can not be reached by phone I will write them a letter. True me have stamp. Then I'm a check for me real friends dem. Many of them are DJs and I want to be able to help them out as they have helped me out immensely.

Just had a thought. My sound system UMOJA has events to promote and has decided not to rely on social media solely. To do that is not the move. We know better to reach out on the real side. Invite through mail and phone. So me a'go do the same something. I'm mad excited about the outcome.
Pray for your boy king!


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