Wednesday, April 14, 2010

O Got It

I'm Rev Runnin. Blogging from my phone so o won't have any excise to not do my dailies. Well as long as I keep the phone on. Which brings me to what I been trying to push on DECENT SOMETHING. I need help with what I want to accomplish. There is no support at this time. No sponsors or advertisers.  My shows have integrity so I don't get money from certain people because of their agenda which is in contrast to mine. My agenda has always been unity and building the Kingdom of The Most High. The people who log in to my show, chat up the chatroom, leave comments, send me messages on facebook and twitter and most effective, DONATE. My equipment is in bad need of repair and I need help with utility costs.

I have a great job at UPS. It's part-time so I'm not earning as much as I need for extra-curricking, but it does alot me the time to do what I wanna do during the day since it's a graveyard shift. Honestly, I hate work but who doesn't. Like Guru said, I got some tallent so do you hear my point.
I'm up in this warehouse right now full of dust and noise from conveyors and trucks. I keep my headphones on to study what I'm gonna play on the next show and I'm motivate to buss up the shiffin row and get out ta here to hit the Decent Studio.

My pastor said if you gotta a job that you hate going to but do it because it's good money then it's not a good job. Resentment will prevail and we will express it on the less deserving and innocent (spouse, kids, people driving on the parkway). I encourage you to do what you love. 
If it's not the time for whatever reason, pray for that time. And if you have the time but you're sitting in front of the screen with Cheetos, manage your time don't waste it. We can't make time. Time keeps moving. You can only make yourself be on time. 
One of the greatest things that I've learned and applied was actually the old Sticks and Stones adage. I revisited it through Steve Harvey who said one of the best things you can do for yourself is to not let what people say, think, or do effect you to the point it changes your mood or prevents your progress even if that person is yourself. Its a very empowering practice and it can save you time by getting you outta certain ruts if you are a sensitive person like I am. My man Mr. Walt used to crash me with jokes and i started to take it to heart but not anymore. Its just a joke and even if he was dead ass, its still what he says from his view it doesn't make it the truth about me absolute. You see what I'm saying. If it didn't make you don't let it break you. That's what I was talking about on REIGN CHECK last Tuesday

I'm thankful for this time to blog and I'll see y'all on Anger Management tonight. Salute DJ WayneSki ( King CoknI and I'm gone like the winter. SALUTE

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