Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm Doing ME- What am I doing?

yea man I like that song by that nigga. Decent Something Sunday was unexpectedly better than I thought it was gonna be. I started the day getting everybody up and ready for church, then my me and the queen had a "discussion" before we went in the church house. I already took the kids into their Sunday School situations so the wife and I could worship without distractions. You know kids like to go to the bathroom and carry on various shegry and nuh love sit still. Anyway, the Queen and I were having a hearty talk and then when we got into the sanctuary the pastor (Dr. Tony Evans) was beginning to get down and his first words were on point with where we were spiritually.
Basically there is power that we have authority to access and engage, but we don't. We may want this or that and pray for it but we were enlightened that what the LORD has for you has already been given we just outside of the spiritual reality of what's going on like the matrix you know?
Pastor Evans gave the perfect illustration of the electric company that has already put power into your house, but you call them and say, "TURN MY LIGHTS ON! TURN MY FRIDGE ON! TURN MY TV ON!" The electric might hang up on you because you buggin. Its  not their job to turn on what you been provided with. Its ON YOU to make a move to get it on.
Marinate on that and I'll probably speak more on that on REIGN CHECK Tuesday. GOD UP!

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