Thursday, April 08, 2010


Peace and Blessings! Just wanted to briefly update you on the changes being made to the programming on my station. Currently there are 3 shows that I control and I intend to add an UMOJA show a KPL show and an ELPD show. This is turning out to be a great year. Now that BDS is Black history, we now rep ONE NATION RADIO. There is still a tinge of politicks but I'm not gonna meditate on it. Strictly concentrating on progress.

Mondays is Alive on Arrival which I'm gonna start do on Tuesdays as well. The Tuesday show is gonna be called REIGN CHECK and its gonna be more of a talk show format like Mama Chula Wednesdays and Cynical Linden on Sunday. I'm gonna build podcasts from the music played on Monday and Tuesday.

Beginning Saturday April 10, 2010 the musical thing called the LUNCH MONEY PODCAST will debut where I cater to my folk in the UK and fam across the Atlantic. I will be archiving and podcasting that show but the Monday and Tuesday shows will not be archived. I'm determined to provide quality programming and as I am not paid a salary for it, your donations and participation keep the how going. Right now I'm suffering with low memory on my machine causing it to frequently glitch and freeze.

I appreciate everything trust me. Big up my man RzaNumba1 for looking out from jump. RESPECT

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