Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Starting All Over Again It's Gonna Be Rough

BUMBO what a ting! My hard drive failed on me and just shut down without warning. So I lost a lot of stuff. Or so I think. I know I had all my music backed up on an external but there's some Serato situations that I'm at a current loss for. All the vinyl rips that I did I never backed up. All my little iChat business I think is dead.

Okay its today right now and a lot of progress has been made. from the previous paragraph I can see that I over reacted a bit. Things are pretty intact. I still have an issue with the pictures, but the spirit is telling me to not worry and and dive into freedom. So... OK DEN.

I still have to build up my Serato library and prep a Otee-O and a Decent Something show. I'm a try and do that today, but man did I lose some cool rips and effects. Let me stop complaining and loafing and let me get down to the business. Plus The Office coming on so there aint really that much time to tarry.

After I take the red pill, I'm a take another lude which is Jailbreaking my phone. Babu got me amp about it and I'm not as scared as I used to be. Plus my warranty is dead so no worries on that. Next time I write I should have a JB'd phone and some new order on my machine. Umoja!!

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