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Friday the 20th of November I dedicated the Otee-O Show to my brother William Wilson aka Crazy Bill aka CERONE TPA. He was the cat that I met on the Q4 bus with Uncle Rock. I was in the back of the bus with one of my boys. I had to be about 15 and I had a copy of the Wild Style soundtrack album I just bought. Cer asked to see it and then said thank you and got off the bus. So I just got taxed but it was an honor being vicked by a legend. Cer represented the crew The Public Animals. You could see their work all over New York. They bombed parks, buildings, buses, trains, you know.
Cer lived off Linden in my neighborhood of Cambria Heights, Queens so he couldn't do dirt and not be seen around to get ya stuff back. I didn't want my stuff back; I wanted to BOMB. He put me under the wing. I met all the writers I looked up to and the sad but true thing was they were all criminals.
I'm thankful still because I had actual life death experiences that kept me out of prison and I share things with my kids to prepare them to avoid the the tricks and traps.
Crazy Bill was gunned down in Kingston, Jamaica where he had been deported to. After being robbed the bastards sprayed the cab he and a lady were in. I know Bill he wasn't a sucker and I believed he was unarmed but still a threat to them fassies that took his life. I'm never gonna get over the losses this year, but I trust the LORD's purpose for whatever He allows to happen. In the end it will all make sense


reanimator oner said...

wow i mean like WOW... i'm sure this will have a time stamp but its like 1 am in the morn 01.24.10 and i have absolutely no idea what made me come home and start looking up graf legends but CER TPA was the 1st i looked for! RIP CER TPA!!! i lived on 223rd st 2 houses away from him as a youth between 116th and linden, i moved in dec 1989... i knew he was a WILD dude but VERY LOYAL and took care of his own! i remember getting taxed as a kid on the block and his sister (don't remember her name though) heard about it and the next day he saw me outside and asked about it and told me "it will NEVER happen again and if ANYBODY said a word to me to just come knock on the door and let him know, even if i'm not here let my sis know and I"LL HANDLE IT!" i NEVER forgot and never had a problem in 11411 again! i ALWAYS respected and wanted to be like him ESPECIALLY on the GRAF TIP!!! i started taggin not long after that lol, starting in p.s.147 park (before it became ronald mcnair elem...), i remeber dudes wanted to know who i was and kick my ass cause i wrote over the batters box in the yard which meant it got painted over and for a while no could "officially" call a strike zone when we played baseball/stickball whatever lol CER kept dudes off of me!!! i'm bugging right now even seeing his face and reading of his passing BUT i'm glad to know he's honored on the net and IMMORTALIZED for his GRAFITTI SKILLS!!! his throw ups and tags wee the illest to me and I KNOW thats why i started taggin!!! quik, dire, enuf from if and gee from cha ho (who also lived on the block with us) were BIG in fluences to for me! again RIP CER TPA!!! i will NEVR forget you fam! shouts to CoknI O'Dire - Raggamuffin for this post, i HAD to comment when i seen it! peace reanimator oner

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Invictus said...

I lived on 221st and Linden. I wrote and went by the name DISC. I never attained the level of success by far as CER did. The highlight of my graf career was becoming a RTW member brought in by CASBAH. Hardest click to get down with at that time. It was at THE ROXY and on that night RUNDMC, Dougie Fresh, and Afrika Bambaata was there performing. I had the same experience. Alot of my hero artists in graf were criminals. Im glad I made it. I have also had my share of life death experiences right around the block. The one thing I have come away with is the loyalty to the art, and the brotherhood. Unmatched and needed in that type of environment. I miss those days but thats as far as it goes. So many life lessons learned. A time I will never forget. Peace to you DIRE. Just had another memory of me you and HYPE on Linden. I would like to acknowledge some artists off the top of my head that inspired me to write. JON, BIO, HEK, QUIK, FUTURA2000, CASBAH, SEEN, REVS, KATO, and so many others I cant remember. CER, rest in power. Shout to SWIPE, AWE, DIRE, KAP, HYPE, and CASBAH... Sometimes life is sorted, but overall its astounding..