Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Pod-casting with my PNC (Partners In Culture)

A week before the Yuletide bustle, Umoja agreed to do a Pod-cast of mixes setting it off on the day of Umoja 12/26 and have each of the seven members represent a principle of Kwanzaa. Whadyou got Nia= Purpose, Kujilaclijah - (I forgot. Oh yea ...) = Self Determination, Kuumba = Creativity, Ujamma=Cooperative Economics, Imani = Faith, Ujima = Creative Work & Responsibility, and of course, Umoja = Unity.
I was real excitd about this because being that I am not on the west coast anymore, I miss playing with my friends. Thanks to technology, we are able to do like a Star Trek transporter and be at the same place at the same time electronically.
The first cat out the gate was Stevie G who is one of the newest members
he out in Bali right now peacing. His mix was crazy as well as the artwork he chose to post with it. Daz got busy next with the style of soul in which he do well. Then Jun got bananas with it. Tomas tore it down then I did mine that was murder if I don't say so myself. Wait did a wait pon D and B and I don't mean Drum and Bass I mean Culture D and BeLove. All now Be Love hasn't surfaced, but Culch got his in. still waiting on you C. Step up front!

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