Saturday, December 20, 2008


My son is no joke. He driving Mama crazy, but I tell her nuh fi a fret because him is bwoy and ah so bwoy stay from time to time. He be doing ish like talking back, throwing trucks atchu, making incessant demands as if to say this is his house and we live here. Like freestyle fellowship we will not tollerate beatings on blacks gonna get my gat. My belt that is if he is ever outta place or disrespectful. His personality is becoming more and more defined. He's a raggamuffin like him faddah.
As parents the challenge we're faced with is raising unbiasley. Can't let none of our pickney slide into slackness. So if he speaks harshly to one of us. We check him and remind to whom which they speak, but we don't blast back because where's the lesson in that. I can't front I blast all the time so pray for me as I grow to the father I am to be.

The order of discipline should be:
  1. Tell them directly what behavior is unacceptable and informed of consequence whatever that may be if performance is repeated.
  2. Administer discipline at the point they decide to do opposite of previous instructions.
  3. Sentencing by age (5 minute time out for 5 year old, 7 licks for the 2nd grader, etc.)
We have a big responsibility to raise the next Nobel Peace Prize winner or the guy who wants to run you out the fast lane on the freeway.

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