Monday, July 04, 2005

Can I Live

I been having a hardcore bout with asthma since I started to DJ in LA from like 1990 so'm. We were doing the club B-Side in West Hollywood when at the end of the night I went home because I felt funny in my chest. I started to feel like I was gonna die so I called my man Culcha D and he came to my rescue and dragged me to the emergency. Most people who have astma acquire when they are young and then beat it as they get older. I think this is my plight but I aint really gonna stay here thinking that this will be my end. Now I got my little medications and I gotta say today is a good day.

If you nuh know what Asthma is its just that ya air passage gets swoll and your breathing becomes difficult. On top of that I got these ill algeries that I assume I inherited from migratory experiences. Born in the UK move to NY then to LA and now in The D, most bush and spore don't know me like that and not really welcoming so as a result my asthma is also triggered bt the alergies everywhere I go. But still I got my little meds for that thank God.

Imagine how much I appreciate the smell of food cooking and breathing in this good southern air on a beautiful 4th of July like this where I ain't got to go to my J.O and risk another attack from stress and strain. If you got the day off good for you if you working, well you help make America great. I aint really have nothing to say but I thought I better say something and not waste this blessing of blog I got.

Thanks for reading. One Lung.

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