Monday, October 26, 2009


This was one of the best shows. It started on time and ended on time. Actually BeatMinerz Boss Lady Be-Lovely chided me to play for another 15 minutes and I humbly obliged, but I didn't record that part. The regulation show was too dope.
The reason why it was so hot was because we prayed before I went in. My wife prayed for me with the kids Sunday and it was so beautiful and inspiring that I couldn't got to the studio and be a schmuck. Almost every show I've had technical problems. This show ws no exception. The video froze, but the LORD rebuked it and things went back to normal. At the end of the broadcast I cut off Serato so I could disconnect my HD, but I got a message saying I had to shut down! I don't remember seeing anything like that before. Not that big of deal, but if Serato didn't back up my playlist then I wouldn't remember or improve on what i played. Maybe the LORD didn't want me to rely on that because the show was so special and shouldn't be duplicated, but I know He wants me to improve.
A couple of songs had cussing in it but for the most part the show was loaded with clean classics. The goal is to have clean programming that's why it's called DECENT SOMETHING.
I also want to say that much of the digital music was contributed by DEADLY DRAGON SOUND, FEDERATION SOUND, JOHNNY WONDER, UMOJA, DJ DESTROYER and DJ SELECT.

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